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ICT for people with disabilities (PWD)
Focused on our drive to ensure that no one is left behind in the adoption of ICT, we have put in place a structure to set up partnerships with groups and associations focused on the physically disadvantaged in the country.
At UNITeS Foundation, we believe that giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn will bridge the ICT illiteracy gap.

The goal of the Cisco Networking Academy is to give participants increased career opportunities in a variety of industries. This is made possible through the robust and detailed content touching various focus areas of technology ranging from Networking to Cybersecurity, Programming, Operating Systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) available on the platform.

Join us in supporting people with disabilities

We live in a world of possibilities which doesn’t limit people that live with various disabilities. With our support we believe that we can discover hidden potentials that lie within people with disabilities through motivation, enlightenment and full support.

What Our Students Have to Say

"I'm so glad that we have chosen to work with UNITeS. I've tried many technology courses, and yours is the best.I would highly recommend any enthusiast professional looking for a complete prep."
Ade Temitope
From Lagos, Nigera
"Cisco exceeded my expectations by giving me a practical foundation in networking, they also provided a means to expand my connections with other cybersecurity enthusiasts."
Zasha Mohammed
From Lagos, Nigera
"Joining Cisco was a great experience, and the instructors were calm, loving and understanding.I enjoyed every single part of the program"
Alwell Raymond
From Imo, Nigera