Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Centres

Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Centres is the most innovative IoT Centres in Nigeria

Internet of things (IoT) is rapidly changing our ways of life in a positive way. The IoT has effected changes in manufacturing, healthcare, defence, finance, aviation etc. It has brought into limelight the advent of smart schools and smart cities. The Innovation Centre is a unique platform to transform ideas into reality.

Project Objectives

  • All students will leave school as confident, creators of new technologies rather than users only.
  • Technology users to Technology Creators by developing global problem solvers.
  • Job creation & promotion of small scale enterprises.
  • To create new digital business opportunities using Innovation and technology.
  • To help local and global organizations improve business outcomes by making the most of smart data and digitization.

IoT Career Jobs

Our students will develop competency in skills that will make them job creators. It is important to note that all jobs will require technology competence. Jobs that are expected to be created through this IoT Innovation Centre includes but not limited to:

  • Data Scientist/Harvester
  • Health Information Technician
  • Cloud Broker/Architect & Network Programmer

 The solutions that are expected to be developed includes but not limited to the following:

  • Help bring healthcare to where there is none.
  • Buildings will talk to smart meters that will talk to the grid to manage energy.
  • IoT will provide visibility where today there is none.
  • Food sensors will alert you before food goes bad.
  • Cars will talk to one another, to the roads, to homes thereby making driving safer, greener and more efficient.

 IoT Ambassadors

IoT ambassadors promote and advocate the use of Internet of Things to solve global problem. In the last two years, over 4 IoT Innovation hubs has been established in Abuja, Lagos & Kano with several still coming up.

Why UNITeS Innovations?

We position our students for the marketplace and provide them with requisite skills that future markets will demand for.

What Our Students Have to Say

"I'm so glad that we have chosen to work with UNITeS. I've tried many technology courses, and yours is the best.I would highly recommend any enthusiast professional looking for a complete prep."
Ade Temitope
From Lagos, Nigera
"Cisco exceeded my expectations by giving me a practical foundation in networking, they also provided a means to expand my connections with other cybersecurity enthusiasts."
Zasha Mohammed
From Lagos, Nigera
"Joining Cisco was a great experience, and the instructors were calm, loving and understanding.I enjoyed every single part of the program"
Alwell Raymond
From Imo, Nigera