Meet Our Leadership Team!

chris egbule

(Ccai, Itq) | Technical Manager

Chris is an IT Professional who is so passionate about impacting IT knowledge and skills that breaks the unemployment limitation place on the growing generation. He has been in the IT training sector for the pass 9 +. Having gotten to position as the Technical manager of UNITeS. He started as an instructor trainee till his present ladder. He has trained over 150 instructors in IT who are professional instructors training students in over 85 Academies.

He has attended trainings and conferences locally and international. He is a certified instructor trainer in Cisco courses and has undergone training and earned a certificate in project management.

Before devoting his work fulltime to UNITeS, Chris has worked with CWG as an IT support engineer.

Chris passion for impacting knowledge to young ones drove him into conducting community training as his CSR project for the youth and mentoring.